"Bridging the gap between families an d their loved ones"
Who We Are

FAM-Bridge Wants to Help

Relationships become strained when time, distance, and life's occurrences lengthen time spent apart.  It is our purpose to see families functioning cohesively that drives us to do what we do. Too often, there is a gap that is created when, due to unfortunate circumstances, nursing homes become a viable option for the betterment of your family member. Better care is the expected goal and often the inevitable result. 

What We Do

FAM-Bridge wants to give YOU the customer a peace of mind knowing that your loved one is doing well. Every week our FAMbassador will meet with him/her to interact through various means i.e. conversations, reading, board/card games and calming walks around the nursing home campus. Our weekly reports will allow you to keep in touch with the day-to-day lives of your family member. Our technological approach grants you the portability to communicate face-to-face when distance is a factor. While you're navigating this busy life or are hundreds of miles away, you can rest assured having complete access to the knowledge of your loved one's well-being. You no longer need to feel life's pressures further the distance between you and them. Your heart to do right by your family member is the lifeblood of our company.

FAM-Bridge's Services Include:

  • A FAM-Bridge FAMbassador will meet with your loved one(s) on a weekly basis. This weekly interaction fosters a camaraderie between all parties involved. During the visit your FAMbassador will spend quality time with your family member, engaging them in conversation and activities to lift the spirit.
  • You may request that your FAMbassador assist your loved one in increasing (or in some cases creating) his/her social media footprint, giving access to future visits that will allow YOU the customer to interact with them over social media platforms such as Facetime,  Skype, Facebook or more.
  • Your service will conclude with The FAMbassador comprising a detailed report filled with observations made during the visit. The report will address concerns such as eating habits, hygiene, environmental welfare, and mood & demeanor.